Zamzam – Приложение для международных переводов денег с карты на карту онлайн без комиссии | Скачать бесплатно
Virtual currency for real life.
Invest and manage crypto assets in the mobile app
$ ZAM is an innovative
cryptocurrency for CIS
citizens in Russia
$ ZAM is an innovative cryptocurrency for CIS citizens in Russia
Экосистема Zamzam
Virtual currency for real life. Invest and manage crypto assets in the mobile app
Why is cryptocurrency the future?
Within this time, the digital coin value has grown from 0.05 ¢ to $ 58,000, making the first investors real millionaires. Within just 7 months of 2020, Bitcoin grew by 190%.
10 years ago, the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin entered the market and turned the world of money upside down
China, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Uruguay, the USA, the European Union, Japan and other countries have announced their willingness to develop a national cryptocurrency.
Companies around the world have confirmed their belief in cryptocurrency as the future of the financial market
The traditional world of finance has already begun to change. And the future belongs to digital currencies.
In most countries of the world, cryptocurrency is fully or partially legalized
Companies' support
Large companies around the world are already accepting or planning to accept payments in cryptocurrency
And this is just the beginning!
Benefits of cryptocurrency:
Banks cannot block
Instant transfers
around the world
Real financial
No financial institution owns the blockchain system on which the cryptocurrency is based. It means that your account cannot be frozen, hacked, or blocked.
Cryptocurrency transfers are processed instantly without any third parties.No high fees for international transfers. The recipient receives a transfer in national currency or cryptocurrency within a few minutes.
Cryptocurrency is legalized in numerous countries around the world.Savings in cryptocurrency can be exchanged for national currency, transferred, stored, and invested in various assets.
The $ZAM cryptocurrency is an opportunity to invest in a technology company and benefit from its value growth.
All funds in $ ZAM are available at any time for storage, exchange, or withdrawal from the account in the Zamzam app
Thanks to the blockchain system, the $ZAM cryptocurrency is protected from illegal or fraudulent activities
The $ZAM cryptocurrency is an excellent investment alternative for foreign citizens in Russia
By law, foreigners can only invest in company shares through specialized brokers. $ZAM allows you to become an investor right away. To do this, you only need a phone and the Zamzam mobile app
It's also an alternative to banking investments in regions with no access to a reliable financial sector and a solution to poverty.
Storing the ZAM cryptocurrency is a protection against inflation in countries with unstable economies
Investors who want to profit from the growth of a fresh cryptocurrency
Labor migrants
Residents of countries with unstable economies
The President of the Russian Federation signed Federal Law of July 31, 2020 N 259-FZ "On digital financial assets, digital currency and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation" (Federal Law on the CFA). Effective from - 01.01.2021
This means that it is a legal digital financial asset in the Russian Federation
The $ZAM cryptocurrency is issued and registered under the law of the Central Statistical Office of the Russian Federation of 2021.01
Benefits of $ZAM cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency $ ZAM can be easily exchanged for rubles in the Zamzam app
Or continue to store and earn on the growth of its value

*is in the works

You can invest any amount in $ZAM starting from 500 rubles
Holders of the $ZAM cryptocurrency can participate in the project's development: vote for the release of new services that will help the life of labor migrants in Russia
Simple and user-friendly interface. You don't need to be a trader, study market analytics, or attend any specific programs or classes
You can invest in $ZAM on the mobile app in a matter of seconds
Why is it worth investing in $ZAM cryptocurrency instead of dollars?
Increase your income with $ ZAM cryptocurrency
with a few simple steps
Scarcity is what makes cryptocurrency a valuable investment.
The release of some cryptocurrencies in the world is limited. It means that it cannot be printed endlessly like a national currency
How to make money on $ZAM cryptocurrency
It looks like a deposit in a bank. Buy and hold cryptocurrency at home and receive a monthly reward
Cryptocurrency storage or staking
Help us develop the Zamzam project, invite friends and earn $ZAM cryptocurrency
Member program
It's simple: you buy the $ ZAM cryptocurrency at the start at a lower price and sell it at a higher price when the rate rises
$ZAM is a modern way to invest and store your savings. They cannot be frozen or blocked from elsewhere.

The owner can easily exchange the $ZAM cryptocurrency for real money, make an international transfer, or receive a monthly storage reward.
The amount of $ZAM is limited to 888 888 888 ZAM. And as demand grows, the value of our cryptocurrency grows as well.
Buy and store from 1000 $ ZAM on your wallet and get actual privileges
What do holders of $ZAM cryptocurrency get?
card deposits, and all Zamzam app products
Reduced fees for international transfers
of payments made with a digital bank Zamzam card
Cashback in cryptocurrency $ZAM up to 1%
of the amount of international money transfers
Cashback in cryptocurrency $ZAM up to 1%
How to buy $ZAM cryptocurrency
Member program for
$ZAM owners
The $ZAM cryptocurrency is an innovative product from the Zamzam mobile app team for international transfers
We want to create the most up-to-date and advanced digital technologies, investment opportunities, and a future for every CIS citizen in Russia
Investment in future
Choose a wallet $ZAM and enter the amount of investment in rubles
Download the Zamzam app and sign up
Confirm the purchase and pay with any debit/credit card online
Our goal is to make $ZAM the most famous and widespread cryptocurrency among CIS citizens and Muslims worldwide
Go to the "NAME" section in the app, copy the link and send it to your friend
As soon as your friend downloads the Zamzam app, you get a $ZAM reward to your account
If a friend makes their first international transfer through the Zamzam app, you get an extra $ZAM bonus
We consider $ZAM an essential product in the Zamzam ecosystem - the primary assistant for labor migrants in Russia
Zamzam ecosystem
Download and sign up with the Zamzam app and make your first investment in the future
Become part of the global Zamzam community